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30 March 2012

unfun -being in the office when it is sunny and gorgeously lovely outside
having a biscuit who is stressed because of work
having a biscuit who will have to work over some of our weekend together
having a sore back as i am trying to strengthen all the muscles in my back. it is seriously hard work
the fact that my feet cannot catch a break people!! if it is not high heels giving my mammoth blisters its my fecking trusty flipflops
wanting to live a life of holidays and lounging in the sun with my biscuit, but the last time i checked i was not a millionaire... *hmmmph*
fun -
seeing my best friend sarah tonight, we are always floating around in the same city with busy lives and i treasure every time i get to see her
living in the best city in the world
not having to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning, although my body clock usually objects and does it anyway
going to yoga with bicuit tomorrow, we both need it and i cant wait
seeing the girls from Clarins last night - i miss them all tonnes...
things i categorically must do -
arrange some nights out with some people
arrange our easter break, it was like christmas came at once yesterday when i remembered that in this job i actually get bank holidays off!
buy and send my sisters birthday present/card to her, hopefully she will get it in time for her birthday
little things that make me smile -
having my little goblin run around and make little squeeking sounds when he has his crazy half an hour skits - he doesnt meow bless him, only squeeks.
having friends that mean the world to me
having a family i will do anything for, they are all amazing people
feeling like every day bens family are becomming more like an extension of my own, they are all so wonderful to me and so so welcoming
having a beautiful flat that is not only dry, mould free and problem free but also home
having biscuit say he is proud of me...
here are a few more pictures of the last few weeks as seen by biscuits phone..

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