1 March 2012

so i finally bit the bullet and went to bikram yoga again.
now i have had a wierd relationship with commitment when it comes to exercise the past year, i dont know what happened but it was just not a priority for me. why would i go to the gym when i could spend that precious time with my biscuit curled up in bed or on the sofa with biscuits being awesome? i just realised that when it came to it i just prefered spending time with him. and well it was winter and the summer and then winter again so i wanted to naturally do hibernate under my bed covers.

unfortunately eating biscuits and not doing any exercise means that i put on a tiny bit of podge and started feeling well, just crap really. bring a receptionist means that i spend the vast majority of my working day sitting on my bum. all this spells for me feeling yuck and generally grumpy and whiney.

so i finally ignored the wierd irrational thoughts in my little brain and booked myself into bikram yoga last night. i dont know why i suddenly decided but i think im a little addicted.

i tried it twice before ( a long time ago mind) but it didnt feel like this time. maybe this time i just needed it more? maybe sitting down all day, feeling unstretched and, how do i say this, unworked??, is exactly how i needed to feel for so long in order to kick my arse into gear?

i had forgotton though just how much you sweat though. no literally have to witness and experience it to believe it. it feels incredible. and i am not a sweaty person but o my!

today i feel better already, i have a class tonight and it literally makes me so excited. biscuit is proud of me and didnt even recoil when i came home all sweaty with crazy curly out of control hair. now that is love!

on another note, we get the internet again in 12 days time! so all the adventures i have had in the past few weeks can go up.

what are my plans for this weekend you all scream??? well let me indulge!!

im off to see my mom at her gorgeous country pub. im missing her quite a lot as i dont get to speak/see/annoy her as much as i have been used to these past 22 years! damn that pub being so high maintenance. as an added bonus i get to spend time with one of my closest friends Susan on saturday night after ive taken my mom out to dinner! she is such a lovely, gorgeous person all i wish for is that i get to see her more!

so all in all, i am itching to sort the pictures out for my little blog, i cant wait to see my mom on friday night, ive had a lovely past few weekends with my family, im feeling better about taking my body's health seriously (and i dont care btw if you judge i will still eat mad amounts of biscuits and maltesers!) and i am excited to start putting all of our lovely art on the walls soon. oh i am enjoying my job too by the way.

the sun is shining here in London and i feel happy.

happy thursday x

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  1. I am SO GLAD someone else loves Bikram as much as me! I looooove it! I wish I could go more..but it's just so dang expensive!

    Keep it up girl (and curl up with your biscuit too soemtimes)! :)



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