apparetly i dont have time...

22 March 2012

ive been busy...

and i havent been able to blog for what seems like a while now (im aware in my head it seems longer) and i am finding it quite upsetting and im sorry...

the flat is slowely getting there - a trip to ikea this weekend will help the process!!
the job is good
the goblin is good if not a little rowdy sometimes
our weekends have been busy and a little crazy with not a lot of 'couple time' therefore i have felt seriously sleep deprived this week
our familes are well and healthy
tomorrow is Krispy Kreme day at work - yum yum in my tum!

there will be a mamouth post of pictures coming soon - thinking im going to get the biscuit to help me with that, and i hope you all like the layout.

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