21 February 2012

basically...there is no joy at all. when you are internetless that is.

i spend alot of my time and effort making sure my life is as super organised as it can possibly be. (now i know this can get annoying for some - namely biscuit - however i dont care and i prefere to be prepared than unprepared)

the lack of internet makes it surprisingly difficult to be 'this annoyingly organised'. and what is even worse is that i have always been one of these 'i dont need the internet - i have my super amazing moleskin diary and therefore need no other sort of help to be more organised' people. and even worse than this is that i hate being wrong about things like this. even i need the internet. but only for blogging though. obviously...

we have moved! yay! pictures can go up soon (when i have the internet at home - i am boring myself with this now so apologies). it looks like home already. its spacious, bright, clean, gorgeous and most importantly not damp. we can come home and completely relax with our little goblin for the first time in about a year, giving him as much attention as he possibly wants and go to bed happy.
after all isnt that what we all want?

last weekend was awesome.
we went for a meal at the balham bowls club. now if you dont know this place already, you really really should check it out. quirky, vintage, interesting and friendly doesnt begin to cover it. it was a blessing to spend the whole day with my dad, wendy (dad's girlfriend), caroline (biscuits mom), steve (biscuits moms boyfriend) and richie (wendy's nephew). We got some lovely house warming presents and spent some quality time with our family.

i obviously still have about a million a few pictures from the past few weekends to go up, of our little adventures and our flat, so hopefully i get back online soon...and then show you all my wonderful happenings!!

i have just stumbled across this, so this post wont be entirely picture-less..

we spent our valentines at a harrisons restaurant in balham. vino was good, food was amazing, company even better and not only to celebrate valentine but also to celebrate our year and a half anniversary, which does exist before you pipe up about it..

so that is me for today.
im happy and get to go home and see my two favourite boys. over and out.

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