Wednesday smiles...

25 January 2012

my weekend was lovely. really lovely.

we had a lovely time at the dinner on Saturday. NW8 is truly a beautiful place. the Salt House is a truly lovely restaurant. great find Wendy..(even if it wasnt deliberate!) was lovely catching up with family that I havent seen in years..the food was lovely, the prosecco was lovely and most of all the company was brilliant.
we had a lovely time with Rick, Nick and Holly at theirs, playing Quelf and acting like idiots. nibbles there were tasty too, Holly sure is talented!
sunday was spent relaxing and spending some down time with the biscuit. in my eyes you just cannot beat a duvet day!
i have all of these things to look forward to
in 1 day I have date night with my biscuit.
in 2 days I get to spend some time with one of my closest friends. Ms Sarah Crick Linton..
in 6 days I get to spend time with my beautiful sister. I am so excited I could literally cry..
in 17 days we move again. our own flat, with our own things, our own space and our own goblin again. again, i am so excited I could literally cry...

in 24 days we get our gorgeous goblin (he is our kitten) back with us. he will be the most loved kitten in the world that weekend.
in 79 days i get to say happy birthday to Matasha. i must remember to send a card!!!
in 149 days I get to spoil my biscuit for his 25th birthday.
in 192 days we get to relax in our villa in Tuscany.
f.y.i this will be the first holiday we have had in 22 months.
in 208 days I get to celebrate my 23rd birthday.
happy wednesday people

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