starting today. ending sunday.

20 January 2012

i will paint my nails matching red for the weekend, after all it is a classic

i will not drink tonight

i will drink tomorrow afternoon and evening instead

i will have a fab time with my Dad, Wendy and the O'neill family at lunch tomorrow

i will remember to take some prosecco to Rick and Holly’s tomorrow night

i will probably drink lots of prosecco with Holly

i will probably wake up with a headache sunday

i will try my hardest be super smiley

i will tell biscuit I love him every time he makes me smile

i will not moan at anyone

i will book our flights to tuscany with biscuit

i will hoover our god damn bedroom

i will try resisting the temptation of ordering our usual ‘hangover sunday’ pizza

i will probably order our usual ‘hangover sunday’ pizza anyway

i will sort out my diary for next week

i will ring my mom and annoy her with mindless, nonsense filled ramblings just to hear her voice

i will plan date night for next week

i will get biscuit to sort out this blog to make it look pretty

i will get up tomorrow morning and go for a run with biscuit

i will start a list of things that I need to take/buy out when I visit my sister, I am sure it will be a long list

i will Skype matasha – the best sister in the world..this is her by the way..

now have a lovely weekend yourself - happy friday - xx

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