16 January 2012

my name is nicola. i am 22 and a master at making the simple things in life complicated. i love lists, maltesers + chocolate, i love my beautiful family + friends, i enjoy being organised to the point of distraction + most of all i love my boyfriend.
his name is Ben but i call him Biscuit. he calls me Joebeff - i will explain one day when i have the energy. we live together in the most beautiful city – London - with our beautiful kitten Goblin and will have been together two years in August. he is my best friend.
this blog is where i will capture all the wonderful things that happen to our new little family. i have been meaning to do this a long time and now it feels right...we move into our new flat in February and for the next two years i want a way to remember all the little things that make us laugh + smile. here goes...

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