Happy Wednesday

18 January 2012

i find that some days i need to remind myself to smile. and to say 'Happy Monday'/'Happy Tuesday'/'Happy Wednesday'...there there you get the idea.
now I must say this does work much better on Friday – everyone has those blessed two days of freedom and you don’t get the look that says ‘shhh, it’s Monday morning and i don’t want to speak yet. i have had no coffee’ – however it is still nice to spread a little happiness on days when even you don’t feel too fresh yourself.
this morning i was teetering on the edge of grumpy; the tubes were busy even at 7:30am, i had too many bags and to be quite honest i would have given my right arm for a duvet day with my biscuit.
however...I made myself put on my smile and it seems everyone has smiled back today....can’t be too bad for a rainy and cold Wednesday now can it??
because as i only just started with this blogging thing i missed out on 'blogging' one of the best christmas periods i've ever
here are a few pictures...
back to today...
tonight myself and my biscuit are having our own little date night.
now this is something that we have done since we were actually just dating and without a doubt is brilliant. it is so easy to get caught up in the routine of the everyday boring stuff. but to actually sit down and talk about things and get to know something else about them that you might not have known before, or find something that makes you both laugh so hard you cry is simply so refreshing.
i adore our date night.
tonight will consist of jacket potato with cheese and beans <one of my favs>, the fifth season of dexter, probably some chocolate and some smooching to top it off. excited just doesn’t cover it.

love you biscuit.

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